Go Make It Happen (lirik lagu)

Monday, January 26th, 2015


Lirik Go Make It Happen :

Wake up in the morning

I feel like bringing starlight from the night sky

Shine oo shine my day. That’s when the energy ignite


Never never stop to try

I know i could do it all the way

Each and every chances will bring me closer to a dream


Reff : Ooo..oooo..


Go Make It Happen


When the trouble comes

No need to worry, no need to fall down

Just embrace your hope and keep going on


Feel and see the sparkling moment

It’s the day for your dream to be come true

Look inside yourself and say “Yeay..i can make IT”


(Back to Reff)

** Whatever your dream is, just believe

That you should, that you would….

Make it Happen



(Song & Lyric : Penny Hutabarat)



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